PARACHUTE COWBOYS NEW / USED KITEBOARDING-PARAGLIDING GEAR REVIEWS & SHOP is the ultimate place to find NEW / USED kiteboarding & paragliding gear for sale, reviews and news online! Kiteboarders and paraglider pilots come from all walks of life but no matter richer or poorer there are at least two things that bond all of us together: the love of the sport and the love of a good deal! ParachuteCowboys has been on the internet since 2009 which is a long time considering how much the world wide web changes everyday. One thing that doesnt change is how crazy passionate we are about all wind powered and parachute sports, especially kiteboarding and paragliding! Matter of fact we are sailing fanatics too but thats another story, for another day, and another website. There are an though there is an initial investment to get into any sport for fun and enjoyment… getting started in kiteboarding or paragliding is comparitively less expensive than winter sports like skiiing and snowboarding. best kites for kiteboading best wings for paragliding. All of these sports use wind power and parachutes except in our sport of paragliding a paragliding chute is called a wing and in kitboarding our parachute is called a kite. kiteboarding harness kiteboarding helmet, kiteboarding control bar|||